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“Teens using Cannabis”

“A practical guide for concerned parents”

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“The most important book you will ever read about cannabis”


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      Kevin Sabet recommends...

      “In the pursue of avoiding this global disaster, we need everyone to get on board with the fact-based message about cannabis. Politicians and lobbyists are everyday influencing not only the youth, but also their parents. Parents obviously have a great impact on the children´s attitude and behavior and if we in any way can reach out and help these parents getting the facts right, we can change the development we have seen so far. Parents need clear facts, and equally important, tools to engage with and influence the children´s mindset, when it comes to cannabis. Christopher has with this hands-on book, laid out a clear path for parents, and professionals helping parents, to follow in order to do so. The book is mandatory reading for all parents with teens and professionals in contact with parents.”

      Kevin Sabet, Director, Drug Policy Institute and Assistant Professor, University of Florida College of Medicine, Division of Addiction Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. President, Policy Solutions Group, Inc.

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        Theiss Bendixen recommends...

        “Starting from a sympathetic perspective towards the experienced world of cannabis-smokers, Christopher Schmitz establishes a practice- and evidence-based approach to addressing cannabis abuse. The book effectively navigates through the jungle of myths and misinformation surrounding cannabis in a manner that is easy to comprehend and follow. Additionally, the book provides a step-by-step treatment manual that is relevant not only to therapists and health professionals but also to relatives, politicians and anyone concerned about the subject. In short, there is a pressing need for a scientifically founded debate about cannabis in Denmark, and this book will hopefully serve as a much-needed starting point.”

        Theiss Bendixen, psychologist, Ph.D. fellow and author.

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          From Stigma to Support: One Man’s Mission to Transform Addiction Therapy

          Listen to the podcast: Dave and Christopher explore the intricacies of addiction, delve into therapeutic approaches that work (and those that don’t), and discuss how to enhance the success rate of treatment. This is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand addiction on a deeper level, particularly those in the healthcare profession or families grappling with the problem.

          About Christopher Schmitz

          Christopher Schmitz

          Who is Christopher?

          My name is Christopher Schmitz and I have worked with cannabis addiction for 20 years.

          Smoking weed is not for everyone. The moment you take that first puff, you’re stepping onto a slippery slope. Some end up at the bottom of that hill.
          There I sit and grab them…
          I wish I could grab them sooner. Or tell them they should never have started. Because hash smoking can have major consequences for a person’s life.
          But often you only see the signals when it is almost too late.

          At komphash, we have refined our treatment method so that today we can help 3 out of 4.
          Still, I work every day to improve that success rate and train more therapists because I know how many still need help


          I have been working on this for the last 20 years; as a therapist, teacher, author, presenter, panelist, etc.

          And I have helped many young people and their parents.

          • 20 years of experience as a therapist
          • Trained over 600 professionals
          • Author of the book “Parent To Hashryger” (2013), which has been translated into three languages
          • Author of the book “The Most Important Book You Ever Read About Cannabis” (2020)
          • Certified as “Educator in HAP/CPU” by the Nationella Cannabis network
          • Certified Trainer at ICCE (International Center for Clinical Excellence)
          • Danish representative in the Nationella Cannabis network
          • Presenter at the Nationella Cannabisnätverket
          • Initiator for Network of Danish Cannabis Handlers
          • Initiator and organizer of five national network conferences
          • Initiator and organizer together with WFAD of the “Nordic Summit on Cannabis”
          • Member of WFAD
          • Presenter at WFAD
          • Danish representative at RX Summit, USA
          • Frequently used debater with articles and interviews, i.a. in Politiken, Berlingske, P1 Debat and TV2NEWS
          • Panelist at the Folketinget Judiciary’s hearing on the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis
          • Panelist at conference at Copenhagen City Hall “Youth and cannabis – consequences of legalization”